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Lexus 2.0 Se Manual


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I am new ... Hello all, I have always fancies a IS200 since I forst drove one years ago, I can now afford to buy one and looking through the forums they dont seem like a expensive motor to run ( i.e maintenence) I am just wondering if you can give me a rough guide with regards fuel....

I know prices are different from area to area but a rough gide on how much does it cost to fill up a tank ???? also ..... How many miles do you get from it????

It will be a manual car.... I will be changing from my Peugeot 206 1.6 hdi sport, I do really like the car... always been good to me just want a bit of luxuary now ... i.e .. merc, bmw, lexus B)

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tank takes 70 litres, and fuel consumption depends on the go faster pedal but as an idea on the mtorway at about 80 ish MPH i easily get 420 - 430 miles.

around town ill get about 280-300miles to a tank.

u have a warning light which comes on when u have 10litres left which sort of works out at about 40 miles

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As above, 70ltr tank so probably around £60 to fill up give or take a few quid. Mine's an auto so much heavier on fuel, but I too get around 300 miles to a tank around town and prob just under 400 on longer journeys.

If you get a well looked after car I don't think it'll cost much in maintenance, I've had mine almost 7 years and haven't paid for anything other than routine servicing (and hope that continues!)

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