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Who Here Has Had Their Is For The Longest?

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Had mine since June 2003, lovely motor it is. No major problems, mechanically its been spot-on. First set of tyres only lasted 8,000 miles due to using the original "factory" geometry.

A trip to STS tyres in Watford in November 2004 LED to my IS300 being one of the "guinea pig" cars for the new geometry settings by Wheels in Motion; next set of tyres last best part of 17,000 miles.

Had a few niggles with the interior; cigaratte lighter broke and one of the pins on a seat headrest came loose but all were replaced by Lexus with no quibbles.

Build quality of the Lexus is incredible in short.

: :hehe:

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not had mine long - only 3 yrs but its a 03 IS300 with the TTE styling kit.....people at my work still coment on how nice/individual the car looks compared to the usual 3 series, c class etc..Great Car & Engine.

- been thinkin of changin the IS with somethin newer, but keep goin back to the 300 for some reason...cant part with it(sad i know)...other brands have nice exterior designs like the new audi's,mercs etc.. but when u drive them and compare them overall to the IS..the 9 year old IS design/reliability/design wins it all the time for me!!...the 3 litre straight 6 & the gearbox from the GS is just so SUPERB...POWER and smoothness.

I drove a is250 not long ago, nice car dont get me wrong, would swap my 300 for one if they drop in price a bit more.. but the engine jus felt like it was missing something.

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6 years here, and mine is a 99 V plate. Taken it from 60k to 150k no problems apart from error 3 on stero. Has been spot on really, get on average 30k per set of tyres, never had geometry done. Nothing else out there really I would replace it with at the moment.

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Had mine from new, is a October 99 V reg,

No real problems apart from usual wheels, ball joints, coils.

Still running really, really well. also have the receipt aswell!

Really weird when I got it as it had only been out a few months, everyone used to look at it trying to work out what the hell it was, it really was a before its time design.

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Had my IS200 for 6 years now (its an 8.5 year old car).

No major problems, other than: ERR3 (replaced under warranty), inside tyre wear (corrected by WIM), corroded alloys (I bought an exchanged set from an alloy refurb place).

Hasn't cost me anything really, just normal servicing, replacing tyres etc.

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Nearly 8 years old from new. The only non-consumable has been a nearside suspension strut. CD player packed up with an Error 1 - still not fixed. Use an MP3 thru a tape cassette.

Car drives "as new". The car is a sheer pleasure to drive. Around town the drive train is close to perfection. On a motorway it is like driving a high speed sewing machine.

Still a very good looking car, could have rolled off the line this year.

Downsides : No power at low revs, dreadful traction on wet corners - be very, very careful. High fuel consumption in town, but good on motorways.

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