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Hi guys, new to the forum and this will be my first post!

I've got a 1993 Lexus GS300, nothing fancy done to it but plenty of work about to commence. I am mechanic savvy, capable of doing things by the book, and without the book when it requires!

So far the cars got a Polk 12" replacing the factory sub(running off the factory amp), pinstriping removed, a shiny new front bumper, HID bulbs, and a good wash. It's also in the process of getting shipped to Germany were I'm stationed.

Heres my plan for it :

Junkyard turbo kit.

W58 5 Speed Tranny Swap.

Lowering Springs

Some nice Wheels

(2)8" Subs for the front, (2)6.5" components for the back

in-dash touchscreen dvd/gps

headrest monitors

and a nice air freshener.

I'm currently looking into the turbo kit build which is what I'd like some help with, and ideas to bounce around.

I'll be going with an ebay exhaust manifold(not looking to push big numbers, maybe 350rwhp?), more than likely a T3/4 hybrid turbo, custom piping via the hardware store, and either a front mount or two smaller intercoolers and i'll just find a place to stick them.

What do you think? Twin turbo, or single turbo??

Also for the computer, is there a piggyback or plug in that I can use without reflashing or completely tossing the stock ecu unit??

Another issue is the compression of the 2JZGE. 10.0:1 right?? I've only really worked with bikes so I'm not too sure on what king of psi I should be running on a stock 2JZGE. I heard that the 2JZGTTE was bulletproof, but what about it's N/A little brother?? 2JZGE good for even trying to do a turbo add-on?? Because I'd really hate to drop the 2 large for a 2JZGTTE.


Next issue. Tranny swap.

Simple question, will the W58 and it's guts bolt right up to the 2JZGE??

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Welcome mate,

from my limited knowledge it should bolt on but i'm not 100%.

But the best place to look for the info your after is the American site As you've the same engine as the IS300 and a lot of the US members have turbo'd them.

Also look on the Mkivsupra ownersclub as they have a lot of members with NA to FI conversions.


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