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I've mentioned this before but I've still got this irritating vibration that won't go away, it appears on acceleration, and on braking (enhanced when downhill).

Only thing that I discovered today was that if I'm stationary with foot on the brakes, and then release it gradually to a point where the car starts moving forwards (it's an auto) but the brakes are still on, the car does move but it sort of quivers.

I was just wondering whether that could be related to the vibration?

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Could it be a seized caliper(s)?

Thing is I don't think it's brake related - it was only a few months ago that I had the front discs and pads all replaced at WIM and the vibration has been there both before and after the WIMage..........

If it is a seized caliper would that be picked up when they fitted the discs and pads or is it harder to spot than that?

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You could have got a seized caliper after WIM had fitted new discs/pads?

I assume you have checked that the discs have not warped again? Are all the wheel balanced?

When WIM fitted the new discs, did they clean the hubs that the discs are attached to properly? If there is dirt/rust on the hubs then this can cause vibrations when braking.

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I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention so not really sure but I'm sure they did a good job. They also balanced the wheels and did the geo so everything should be in order...........

Anyone have any ideas on the quivering on the brakes?

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