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I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what may have caused the VSC to go or if there are any ways to resolve the problem. My dad was driving back from work and all of a sudden he lost power couldn't go more than 5 mph and a warning light came up saying CHECK VSC. Any idea's how to resolve this or if its a common problem? if anyone has experienced this problem if you would could you please say how much it would cost to resolve?

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Probably the EGR valve and maybe the CAT this is the dreaded crawl home mode.

Not sure what causes it but happens often enough. The codes of course will show whats happened and its likely you'll have to have the latest ECU update installed and wait for it.... yes the 5th injector (if it hasn't already been done under recall.

This is all warranty work if your warranty hasn't expired ...NO COST...otherwise potentially expensive

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Sorry about the long reply A big thank you to Parthiban & VrmmVrmm We gave the car in last week and Lexus said they would have a look on thursday. Thursday afternoon they rang saying everything was fixed. Luckily we had a few days left on the warrenty so it was all fixed under warrenty. They also sorted the steering rack and calipers. The car never had noise problem from the dash as people have experienced and we were worried but I am happy to say everything was put back to perfection and there still is on noise.

Also lastly I hear Lexus Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester (I am from midlands) are good well you can throw Lexus Derby into the mix. They fixed the car as soon as they had space very welcoming and understanding and carried out checks for all known issues and I don't know if this is normal but the car went in on 3 quarters of a tank and Lexus took it out for about 20 miles (assuming it was being tested) and when it was received it had a full tank.

Big up to all the members on this forum and Lexus Derby.

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