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Is This For Real?


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I had never actually heard about this before, but has our government really been restricting parking on new developments as a conscious decision? I always thought it was developers trying to earn every penny they could but I had no idea there were targets to be met about how few parking spaces they could allow......... :o

We do live in the most idiotic of countries, please correct me if I'm wrong but I think we're the only country that tries to develop backwards. We pay more, but get less - public transport is useless, where other countries expand roads, we make ours narrower, we put bus lanes on motorways, we create one-way systems and then put contraflow bus lanes in them, the list goes on and on.

I'm glad at least Essex council seems to have some common sense :)

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It is quite true mate, they have been running with this philosophy, well in MK at least, since about 2001. Making local roads narrower and smaller and putting garages behind properties, rather than the more traditional adjacent design.

Every builder that builds here in MK has a variation in size of garage. It is ridiculous that new properties with double garages are being denied planning permission. It goes on and one...

To 'blame' are English Partnerships rather than the developer. EP set the number of min. plots they want to see on a development and insist on things like wooden framed windows etc. etc. as part of the development. And by making garages smaller etc. they 'think' they will encourage people to buy smaller cars etc. Again, most families are two car households, no provision for second car parking I'm afraid!

We are regulation crazy.

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