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Carbon Vortex Generator


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Hi, just recieved and fitted my carbon vortex generator today.

I love it (although I'm sure it won't be to everyones taste) and I snapped it up for a bargain price too.

I was considering getting it sprayed but due to the colour of the car I think it works well as is.

I'd like to hear any of your comments, feedback, etc.






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believe they keepthe flow of air in contact with the car for longer?? at least thats what i remember reading some time ago..

Surely that would just create more drag?

After reading up on it, they're supposed to reduce drag. If there's a steep change in surfaces, e.g. where the rear screen suddenly dips down, then instead of the air cleanly following the surface of the car, it breaks away and becomes turbulent. The "gap" that this creates in the air can try and "suck" the car back, creating drag.

The idea of vortex generators is that they disrupt the air flow slightly and the vortexes actually make the air follow that steep change of direction better, reducing drag.

However, if you look at the links I posted, the reduction in drag is absolutely tiny even on cars where the vortex generators were specifically designed for them.

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Lol @ 4th link, near the end they stuck it under the car and found it has better potentionals for less drag [FAIL]

But as for looks, im undecided.. but it fits snug though, it looks as if its standard, job well done imo. how much did you pick yours up for? from what I remember they were region of ~£30.

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