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hello as some may have read we now have 3 lexus` newest addition being a 1995 ls400, in dark green, looks black,

i have just been watching wheelers dealers on youtube when they do up mk1 ls400. i was just wondering what people have done to their ls400s and if they have any pics. cheers.

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So far on my 91 ls400

ive replaced the side indicators for clear

replace the front indicators for clear (and added extra indicators on the front corners (where the originals were just reflectors)

fitted HID headlights

Fitted a PS2 with LCD headrests

re coloured (and repaired) the seats

fixed drivers seat recline

replaced bonnet struts

replaced burnt out climate contol LCD

replaced the front ashtray (it didnt eject properly)

replaced the drivers window switches (the previous owner had glued the door lock switch for some reason)

replaced the subwoofer

replaced the missing tool kit and first aid kit (yes im getting a bit obbsessive lol)

im thinking about replacing the radio/ cd changer for something more modern, and will eventually add a reversing camera and maybe a tv tuner. Oh and definetly new wheels (the originals look like hub caps to me)

no photos yet (want it resprayed first)

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