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Clutch- More Money

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clutch is on its way out on my 2000 is. car revs up and doesnt have proper acceleration.

and getting smell of burning clutch!! :crybaby:

should i go for lexus clutch kit or an upgraded clutch??

any suggestions? prices and brands?

where to buy also in ireland if possible!

thanks for any help

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Check Toyota/Lexus for their price (and join as a Gold member on LOC to potentially get a discount from them), also check at a motor factors for prices on an ADL Blueprint clutch.

Be careful because another LOC member ended up with a damaged flywheel too from his knackered clutch, so try not to drive it if you can avoid it.

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you have to get your clutch fitted asap mate before it damages your flywheel.

i would recomend helix racing clutch but it really depends on how much you want to spend? or if you doing future mods like turbo or supercharger.

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I need a new clutch so i called Lexus cardiff today and they want £250 for the clutch which i thought is not that bad and my mate will charge me £120 to fit it. i like to try and get Lexus parts for big jobs like this

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Get one off ebay mate like was mentioned, you'll save a good few quid !

I got one off ebay a few months back, exedy full clutch kit £152.95 + £22 p&p .... bargain ! It will work out at approx €190 to your door :)

Heres the item number 310125686727, great seller :)

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excedy clutch....not a clutch you would want for daily use.

Whats the reason? Is excedy not a good clutch? I'm expecting to replace my clutch in the near future, but as yet not had any problem (touch wood) and i accerate very slowly, just my driving style, never in a rush, leave plenty of time to spare etc. What clutch is suitable for everyday driving would you recommend (p.s. i have induction kit, but shouldn't be much difference).

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