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Was having a look at this in a shop today, and I noticed that they're swapping some sort of American V8 (can't remember the details) into an IS200 body shell. Don't know if IS200s come up often in these sort of mags, I don't normally look at them.

It was only a very short piece, a couple of photos showing wheel arch extensions etc, but I imagine there will be more over time.

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I remember reading the progress of this before.

A lot of work has gone into it, and as much as I love the colour, the V8 idea, the wheels and the front


But i don't like the rear.


The back is too low, the arches are too wide, the rear wheels are too far in, the skirts look like they will scrape on every thing, and the boot lock strip hasn't been painted ?

I'm not sure if thats a drifting set up, but just think with all the work that has been put into it, minor details like that, shouldn't be there.

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