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Rx400h Checklist

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I'm heading to the dealer next week to check an Approved Used Rx400h and drive it home (assuming it's ok).

Has anyone got any suggestions or tips for things i should check, or what i can expect to receive?



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Ok. The Power Steering Assist recall is one to check for then.

What else can i expect as "standard" from the dealer?

Three keys?


Latest Navigation DVD release?

And what should i expect from a "good" dealer?

Full tank of petrol?

Car Tax?

Is there anything in particular i should check for?



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I think you have got it there.

Should be 2 normal keys, one valet key.

Nav releases come out around October - currrent release is called 08/09 and you can check that on the media screen by going to Menu, then Map info. 08/09 version removes the lock out on the navigation system meaning your passenger can enter destination details whilst the vehicles is in motion. Discs from 07/08 release onwards come as a set of 4 DVDs for Europe.

2 manuals - one for the car, one for the nav system (which is just as big!). Service book.

Check the tyres out and see if there is any record of them having been rotated in the car - back to front and vice versa - to manage their wear. You may find entries in the Info screen.

New cars come with a tank of fuel - not sure whether used ones do, but a nice dealer may do that and include the road tax.

Other than that, it should be a painless experience.

I've just ordered my 3rd RX - this time a hybrid, but I think the same things above apply to any of the RX models.


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