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Amp Bypass Lead

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Got my Autoleads fascia today and so decided to fit my Alpine headunit using the amp bypass lead.

Plugged in and there was a small pop from the rear left speaker.

When I turn the headunit on I get shockingly bad interferance from the rear left speaker only.

Checked all connections and seem ok.

Anyone else come across this when using the amp bypass lead?

Need some help please as I'm scratching my head an coming up with nowt!


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Strange that you got a noise from your speaker when plugging in the amp bypass lead. Was the ignition off at the time ?

I wonder if that speaker has blown for some reason. I didn't get any problem whatsoever with my amp bypass lead.

Ignition was off and the speaker was working fine this morning using the standard headunit.

Now that you've said that I didn't plug the OEM HU back in to see if it was ok like that.

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Well after some fault finding I've worked out its the long black lead that's causing the problem.

I plugged the HU straight into the short cable that comes out of the OEM amp wiring plug and all works fine.

So just waiting for a reply from the guy I bought it from and hopefully get a replacement.

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