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Gs 300 Accelerator Foot Pedal


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:question: Hi, can anyone help me with either information on how I can fix my accelerator pedal or provide me with a diagram of the accelerator pedal workings. Every so often (50 %) of the time, when I press down to drive, off it sticks solid, and I am forced to press down very hard to overcome what ever it is thats sticking. I have checked the cable to the carb, and have doused the pedal in the footwell with plenty of wd 40. Your help would be appreciated.....
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The year is 1996, "P" Reg. I can say for sure its not the mat, have even removed mat to proove it. It feels like the mechanism is sticking, and it needs a good kick (up the perverbial arse) to unstick. Never seems to stick first thing ?.

any other ideas ?.

Thanks ...tigerfish

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