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Swiss Army Knife


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Am thinking of getting a pressent for a friend i work with he in to the out doors and cycling camping ect ect he has a smal pocket knife but thought a swiss has all the gadgets on it anyways back to the point are thay legal i dont want to get him in trouble with the law

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just found this for you

Police in the worst knife-crime areas of Britain will be told to prosecute

anyone found carrying a blade, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today

14/01/08 (Metro UK).

In an interview he said carrying knives or guns was "completely

unacceptable" and that officers should not be looking at cautions for


IIUC it has always been an offence to carry a possible weapon without good

reason, and I have heard of people WITH good reason being prosecuted for

carrying a leatherman multi tool, so it looks like there is now no valid

excuse to carry any blade

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You may carry a FOLDING POCKET KNIFE which has a cutting edge no greater than 3 inches in length. If the knife locks into place, the length of the blade is irrelevant.

The length of the blade is also irrelevant, if the knife is presented at a person. In such case it would become an offensive weapon for the purposes of the legislation.

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