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Pics And Specs Of My Is200.....


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Hey Guys,

thought it was about time i got some pics of my IS on here....

Sorry for the crappy pics these were taken with my Iphone in poor lighting :whistling:


2001 is200

2003 tail lights from a black is200

2004 headlights

6000k HID kit

Lexus front splitter

Lexus sport front grille

18" gunmetal rims with black lightweigh wheel nuts and Lexus emblems on centre caps

Tein lowering springs

window tints

chrome door handles/boot lid strip/number plate surrounds

4" stainless tail pipe fitted to standard system

callipers painted black with chrome Lexus emblems

Prolex induction kit...binned the cheap filter that came with it and fitted a Apexi chrome edition filter.

TRD gear knobber

and i think thats about it....i wanted the car to look good but still be smooth/comfy/quiet and i think i have achieved this.










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Yeah a set of skirts is on my list of things to get.....

do the skirts look ok without the rear apron...or do i need that aswell?

the wheels are made by inovit or something like that...i got em off ebay for quite good price.

i think they are 8x18 or maybe 7.5x18 with et38 offset.

i was going to go for black but im happy with the gunmetal as they still shine when clean lol!


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Looks awesome!

Are those rear lights black inside or the dark chrome style?

i think they are dark chrome....

i got a black 53 plate is200 come into my work for i decided to swap the tail lights with mine!

i just bought the headlights brand new from lexus and asked for discount....i got them for 90 odd pounds each...pretty good i reckon!

i asked about the black front foglamps...they are £260+vat each!!....fukk that!

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I believe i drove passed you on Friday night mate , My bird was driving my black un you were just by the ironworks it was gleaming !!!

You going to be out and about this weekend at all ? Im going to be around on Friday for a couple of hours from about 2200

Im always parked in the bus station from 2200 till 0800 5 out of 7 as i work for highland taxis , Are you Gregor with the evo's mate ????

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Lex looks great mate, the dark wheels look really nice with the silver body of the car.

Couple of questions:

Where did you get the black wheel nuts from?.......The nuts that came with my TTE Chicane's are now pitted and dull, and look crap, maybe going with black nuts will look good as the centre cap is the black "L" logo.

On your Prolex induction pipe there appears to be some kind of "band" down near where is fixes to the engine......What is it, mine doesn't have that?


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i got my wheel nuts of ebay usa cant remember what make they were but the were expensive...about £120..they are made of a material that doesnt fade/corrode etc.

the band on my intake pipe is just a bit of rubber sleeve i fitted to stop the pipe knocking/rattling against the engine as its very close to it.


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