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Hi. I got home about midnight last night locked the car and hit the sack. After about 10 mins or so the alarm went off. I ran out thinking someone was messing with my car but no one was. Ok, I unlocked and locked and went back to bed. 45 mins later the bloody thing went off again. I did as before and all was silent on my street. An hour later off we go again :angry::angry:

This time I started the car, switched it off and all was well... that is until about 7 this morning! It gone off a couple of times since then too.

What can do about this? Can it be disconnected by taking off the wires to the both horn? and siren?

I couldn't give a stuff about the alarm if it works or not, I just want peace in my life and so do my neighbours. What would happen if I disconnect the Battery thought the night? Will the car still run properly when I reconnect it?


Thanks for all ya help.


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Hi Welcome to the LOC.

It would help us to help you if you stated which model and year Lexus you have as your present details say "nun yet" if you do not have a Lexus I'm worried that the alarm is going off on a car that isn't yours but you have the keys to unlock it and start it up!

Please provide details of your car and we will be pleased to assist you.

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Hi Jeff,

Nice colour LS you have there and I bet you're glad it has the LPG conversion.

As CB1300 suggests Battery condition can affect these cars ( have it checked professionally) but also check the courtesy light switches on the doors ( best thing to do is open each door in turn and make sure the light comes on) as these are part of the alarm system also.

Another thing I seem to remember ( but not too sure if it was the LS400) is that there is a sensor in the front centre armrest for the alarm and metallic objects like coins or even CDs can cause random problems with the alarm so have a check in there for possible culprits.

I don't think disconnecting the Battery will help as they normally have their own back up supply but if you do make sure you have the security code for the radio etc before doing so.

Disconnecting the system could create problems with the immobiliser causing the car not to start so don't pull any wires off in an attempt to shut it up.

Good luck and as I said earlier welcome to the LOC

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Hi I had the same problem with my Ls 98 on lpg, It only started last time i went to Germany ( I bought 2 metal lpg adaptors) & stored them in the center armrest along with some cds, I have removed them now & problem solved.

I notice you may be leaving us as I have seen your car on eBay.

ta Mark

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