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Win A Brand New Mazda Rx-8 !


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We've had a few caption competitions lately so here's a new one where the best judged reply gets to win the 1st and only prize of a Mazda RX-8 car including delivery to your door.

Finished in gleaming red paintwork and shiney alloy wheels this is the biz.

Follow this link to the competition ( it is safe but if the mods could move it all the better);#entry647467

Closing date is 31st March.


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After looking for over 10 minutes under the bonnet the expert used car saleman came to the conclusion that some tealeaf had stolen the engine from the Porsche 911

I've only entered for fun and cannot win the car

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hey bob wtf !!! why are you throwin up you have only had couple a pu**y boy...NO im not throwin up ya mongo...had egg mayo roll this mornin just tryin pass some wind... SILENT BUT VIOLENT :ph34r::sick:

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" One more bolt and this SuperCharger is mine lads "


After much diliberating tommy20165 is declared the winner.

Could you PM me your address so I can arrange delivery of the Mazda RX8 to your door!



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