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How Many Miles On Your Clock?

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mines about to hit the 30k barrier.

i bought it in January 2009 where it had 26.6k miles on the clock.

i thought it was too good to be true for a 2005 54Reg car :) also £7k was even better on my bank balance however when i open my wallet butter flies seem to come out

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just a mear 73000(as my friend said to me "thats not even run-in"), was only 30,000 when i bought it 2 yrs ago.

- not a lexus but my 97 merc sprinter 2.9TD, bought brand new with 4miles on the clock.... has 305775, still pulls 3ton plus like a train 6 days a week.

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Given that the IS200/300 seems to have refinement, good looks and reliability into old age, it is a hell of a good buy if you can find one in good condition.

I would have to agree, its just the lack of power and fuel consumption that let this otherwise perfect car down!

Supercharger is on the list...

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I'm on 115,000 but a list of things need sorting the MOT failures is like a shopping list lol.. Engine wise it's still fine though :D mainly services & brakes I need to sort...

Currently off the road for the last month, hoping to have it fixed by the end of next month...

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