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Urgent: Michael Jackson Tickets Problems!


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After ages of hunting the day after the tickets all sold out I finally tracked some down and won them on ebay but just today as I checked my email the guy emailed me telling me not to pay under any circumstances as he's had issues with the O2. Shortly after he sent me a transaction cancelling request through ebay saying that....

"This case has been opened by the seller with the following reason: Other reason.

Additional information provided by the seller: well this is just great been contacted by o2 box office there has been a right ***** up there end sold

tickets multible times of the same ones, as a result mine are not valid due to the volume of poeple

trying to by them. sorry im sorry to say we will have to cancel this order and i hope you find them


Seems like the O2 have messed a load of people around so anyone whos bought tickets then please check that your tickets are valid. I'm lucky that I hadnt paid yet so got out of the transaction quite easily and it was left as the sellers problem and not mine so now its back on the hunt for tickets again for me.

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How someone can offer him more than £255 for 2x tickets is beyond me tbh when he was bugging me for payment just the other day and the prices on ebay have dropped loads so its a bit weird I think tbh. Maybe O2 genuinely have messed up?

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i got 7 in total and sold 3 of em for £650 so paid for my tickets and travel and accomodation!

ba ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaa Im lovin it!

Although i'd of made a shed load more if he hadnt released 40 more feckin dates!!!

On the up side, mine are for july 12th (3rd show) and i read on t'interweb that micky might pospone first two shows!! he he RESULT!

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Mine sold for £890 and £1200. 1st night tickets. Thanks Michael.

Blimey, how much did you buy them for? That's quite an investment return :)

I like good ROI's :whistling: got a few on the go at the moment!!

The way I saw it is this when LED Zep did their show last year I went enjoyed the show, but could have sold the tickets for a substantial amount of money and had a longer holiday etc, so when these opportunities come up I take them. Someone's got to pay for the 3S conversion and my holiday!!

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Guest inicol63

I am lucky to have four tickets that i have asked seatwave to sell for me there up at £300 each

If anyone interested they are in area 404 row L and are for the second night of his tour.

If i dont get this amount then i be using the tickets myself.

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