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Tidying The Sticky Threads

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Just a thought, so feel free to shoot me down in flames !

I feel that this particular forum is a bit over-endowed in terms of sticky threads. There are loads of them and I'm not sure some of them are really needed, and make the forum a bit cluttered (and make it sooner that threads fall down onto the second page).

Some examples :

- The exhaust sticky thread looks a bit out of date to me, several of these exhausts are no longer available (I think) and it doesn't include others that get discussed a lot, e.g. the Blueflame ? Perhaps just un-sticky this ?

- The spec sheet threads - there are three of these (200/300/Sportcross) - why not just have one spec sheet thread with the three models' spec sheets in one posting ?

- Part numbers for lamps and styling options - I think these threads are still useful, but again perhaps they could be consolidated into a single "useful part numbers" thread, perhaps with different responses for the different subject areas ?

- Club Meet Section - is this really needed ? Surely everyone knows know there is a separate forum for Meetings, and even if they didn't, are they really going to notice this thread ?

- Timing Belt Replacement - great thread, but shouldn't it be in the Workshop forum ?

I do wonder if it might be easier to find information, particular for newcomers, if there wasn't such an overwhelming number of sticky threads ?

What do others think ?

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