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Another Joke


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A truck driver is passing through an unfamiliar town late one night, and decides to stop and get something to eat. He sees an old run-down looking place, and is weary at first, but decides he better go on ahead and eat here as there may not be another restaurant for a while. Upon parking his truck and preceeding to enter the place, the trucker gets this cold chill down his spine as if something is terribly strange about this fine eatery. As soon as the trucker walks in the door, he sees a tiny piano on the bar with a tiny man sitting at it, just playing away. The trucker is dismayed, but decides to go ahead and order. However, before he can say a word to the bartender, he (the bartender) loudly exclaims "I got a damn magical lamp over wanna rub it?" While the trucker is shocked at the strangers claim of having a magical lamp, he thinks to himself......ah, what tha hell. Accordingly, the trucker replies to the bartender "sure, let me see that sum bitch." At this point the truck driver is only contributing to his own personal ammusement, so he rubs the hell out of the lamp and loudly exclaims "i want a million bucks!!!" Instantaniously, the lights flicker and smoke fills the whole restaurant. To this display of "magic" the bartender says "see, told ya." The truck driver thinks to himself, "hell yeah, IT WORKED!!!" About the time the truck driver thought this, a duck walked through the door. As you can imagine, the trucker is a little surprised to see a duck walk itself into a restaurant. Well, a few seconds later, 5 more ducks walked in, and then all hell broke loose. There were ducks for as far as the eye could see..........the trucker thought to himself "that damn lamp is broke!! it thought i said i wanted a million ducks instead of a million bucks." Upon reasoning this out to himself, the trucker yelled to the bartender "hey man, there's something wrong with that lamp. I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks!!" To this the bartender replied " tell me about it, do you actually think i asked for a 15 inch pianist??"

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