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Ground Loop Isolators

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I just recieved a media player the other day from eBay to go in the car and although it works great and I get a good picture etc, I can hear what I'm assuming is alternator whine as it increases in pitch as the revs go up.

I'm guessing a ground loop isolator will fix the problem?

This is the kind of thing I'm looking at:

Is this the right kind of thing I'm after or is there something much simpler to do the same job?

Have to admit I found it hilarious driving up the motorway watching some erm, questionable content earlier today but it didn't half put a smile on my face :D

Thanks in advance!

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I used to have this with the cheaper stereos off ebay,

The ground loop thing didnt seem to do anything. then as soon as i got my Alpine stereo, plugged that in and the whining stopped.

So it seems like its the units internal grounding/quality sometimes. Maybe try earthing the unit?


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Can't pal, it's a little media player thing that just has a power connection via the fag lighter socket, nothing to ground unfortunately, plus it's portable as it's the size of a USB HDD (it essentially is but with a DVD player on the PCB).

It's not bad actually, only cost 30 quid, stick in a HDD and off you go, been sat watching Top Gear on the way to work along with something else :D

Seen the place near me has them in for 7 quid so going to give one a go at the weekend :)

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it will be the grounding of the unit itself.. try hard wiring it and grounding to the chassis..

it wasnt there before so can only be that or a fault in the audio lead..

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