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Upgrade Supercharger Pulley Kit

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hi there,

i am going to get my supercharger delivered tommarow and i was looking on tdi website and i was wondering does a stage 2 upgrade pulley kit makes a difference?


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Do it at your own risk.

I personally cant think of one car, and as far as i know no one has come out publicly with a successful stage two upgrade.

And your risking chucking a rod as well as the standard rods cant really handle much over 0.3 bar anyway.


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honestly mate, its really not worth it IMHO. just stick with the standard TTE setup for now and enjoy it. then think about tweaking it a bit. but you have to bear in mind that it was designed to be run at maximum safe levels, so any changes are likely to need other things addressing (so high cost for very little gain)


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