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Metal Grinding Noise?

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Hey all,

When i pull off in the morning i seem to here a slight metal on metal wirring coming from the back? some people have said its because i leave the handbrake on over night and all cars do it? Is this true?

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I'm no expert, but could it be coming from the diff'? Maybe worn or dryish? Personally, I don't use the hanbrake when my pride and joy is parked on flat. I just stick it 1st gear and leave it that way. Hope u get to the bottom of it quick as i know these things can niggle at you a bit.


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I used my car last weekend for the first time in 3 weeks. As soon as I pulled off there was quite a loud grinding/scraping sound from the rear wheels. Drove a few hundred yards thinking "it'll stop, it's probably the brakes".

It didn't, so I took one of the pieces from the tool kit (the long lever thing - it was the first pointy thing I could find) and pushed the plates behind the brake discs back just a little.

Hey presto, no more grinding/scraping sound. :)

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The rear brake discs rust which swell & catch on the back plate lip, easy repair....... Chock the front wheels up, jack up & remove the wheels, brake calipers, release the hand brake & remove the brake discs, look careful at the lip & you'll see where its catching on the lip. easy way is scrap the rust out of the discs. Hope this helps...

& to add, i found today that the rear shoe spring clip is catching on the studs in the hub & making a metal noise too.

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