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Smokin' :(

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Hi all,

Well, not even driven my IS300 due to not being able to insure it, but already something is worrying me about it.

Basically, I think there is excessive white smoke coming out the back. I'd understand if it was a cold morning it was doing this however on a nice day, middayish it still does it. Now, it's weirder still because it doesn't start immediately after you turn the engine over, more like 30 secs - a minute the smoke starts coming out. Obviously more comes out if you gently rev it.

It's not exactly plumes of smoke, but on a warm day surely there shouldn't be ANY? It does stop when the engine has fully reached heat however.

Radiator is full of coolant, and no mayonaise around the oil cap.

Any ideas? I'm finding it hard to look forward to getting it insured at the moment because of this!

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Sounds like water in the exhaust system burning off.

My IS200 does this when you start it from cold (doesn't matter what time of day it is).

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I think it's quite common, i've seen a few posts on here about smoking IS's (mostly 200's tho) could just need a good blow out, when was it last serviced? could need that aswell, can't see there being a problem if it clears once it's warmed up

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as everyone else is saying it probably just needs a full service and a good thrash on the motorway to clear and crap out the system. put some redex in it as well the next time u fill up petrol but make sure u put the redex in first then the petrol in order to achieve a good mix.

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If its been stood around then water will be building up in the exhaust system.

Try and get the car on a long run to burn off the water in the exhaust. If that doesn't work then a full engine service (plugs, oil, filters etc) might be in order.

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Thanks much for your replys, put my mind at rest somewhat!

The smoke doesn't completely disappear when it's reached heat, but it's not exactly bad.

Last service was a full one by lexus 4000 miles ago, I got the feeling from the previous owner that he didn't exactly drive it enthusiastically........

Even more reason to look forward to getting it insured!

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