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Sometimes, Just Sometimes...


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Bad, inconsiderate driving is a real pet hate. The amount of times I have been cut up, seen people over taking at silly times, really excessive speed etc etc :tsktsk:

This morning on way to work a silver Astra 2 cars ahead of me unexpectantly changed land, clipped a Mazda people carrier and simply sped off.

The Mazda and car behind stopped, looked like damage to front wing. I tried to follow the Astra to get full number plate but he sped off. No doubt not insured.

If only I had flashing blue lights on top of my RX.

I returned to the scene to offer to be a witness but the hit car had left.

So somewhere in Manchester is a silver Astra number plate BK08 ??? that must have some damage to its passenger side, last seen on Kirkmanshumle Lane/Pottery Lane, Longsight at around 7.50 this morning.

Rant over.

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Know what you mean mate. We all like to have a little blast from time to time but some people just drive like idiots all the time everywhere they go.

I think the same and often point out bad driving or un-road worthy cars etc. Its all to do with education of the drivers on our roads, we all make mistakes from time to time but these people just drive without any consideration for anyone else, they don't think about the consequences or just don't care!

These hit and run drivers also put Mr average's insurance premiums up each year!

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