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Is220d Rattly/buzzy Engine Noise.

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Hey guys!

I've used this forum as a great reference for ages having owned a couple of Lexi over the years. I must say that I've never had the need to post anything really.....until now! I hope you can help me out.

I have just picked up a 2nd hand IS220d SE-L with 27k on it, and have to say that I am really pleased with it (I have only had it a day mind you!!). Anyway - there's one thing that I don't know is normal, and while I have the warranty and the 30-day peace of mind thing I guess I should check it out. Basically, when accelerating over around 3000rpm the engine makes a distinct rattly, scratchy buzzing noise. I am just wondering if this is normal? Is it the turbo maybe?

I should also say that this is my first ever diesel so I don't really know what to expect.

Any comments would be greatfully received!

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Like "pinking" noise? It is normal. I think mine did that too. Did you have diesel prior?

Thanks Gunther. To be honest I don't know what "pinking" noise is (sorry!) but it definately seems to occur at the same time the turbo cuts in.

This is my first ever diesel, so I don't know if these things are normal. I'd take it back to the dealership but I am worried I'll embarass myself when they tell me that its totally normal!! However, I had a 24-hour loan of a different IS220d a few weeks ago and don't remember hearing this noise.

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