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What To Look For When Buying A Is200?


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Hello Im new to this site and i have just joined.

Im intrested in buying a lexus IS200

Im wanting a change form an MG ZT

I have been driving for ten years and iv always had a Rover OR an MG.

Okie i know Rover MG never whare the best of cars but iv always liked them

But now have have made my mind up to have a change

I have been looking for an car and have come to believe that a IS200 will do me good and the looks make me think that it looks modern

But the thing is i dont know what im buying meaning hwat i need to look for as in good abd bad points??

iv got a budget of £3000 i know a bit low but a wife with one child and twins on the way thats what i can spare at the moment

I have joined the site hoping i will get help

please can you help



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Have a look here mate:;id=41&c=5

That should help you out.

Your prob looking at a higher mileage one, but thats not a problem with the IS. The engines are excellent. Just make sure the Cambelt has been changed (60K miles, or 6yrs)


Also this should help you with different specs:;id=14&c=5

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Welcome to the club matey :D

Ebay might be your best bet for the money you have to spend matey, quite a few on there at the moment :)

One thing you will find, with having children the boot space isnt great as the rear seats dont fold down, and trying to fit push chairs etc in the boot can be a work of art so advise having a look to see if it will suit your needs?

Good luck with your search :)

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