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Should Have Mine Soon


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Due to living on a small island my choice was somewhat limited as to the car I could get. Haqving decided what it was that I wanted and having just missed out on one locally after my Impreza took a little longer to sell than expected I spoke to a mate that imports cars to the island and did a deal with him involving him retrieving one from mainland UK for me. After a look around on the Auto trader site we found two cars that met my criteria and so I left him with a deposit and allowed him to get on with proceedings.

Anyway, after calling the first place and being told where to go the second place seemed quite honest and genuine and so all being well a transported will be collecting the car at the beginning of next week :) This means that by this time next week I should be in posession of a Green IS200 S with the grey half leather interior that I wanted :)

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not really, it only needs re-registering once it gets here :) that way it goes on black and silver plates and doesn`t need tax or MOT ;) there are some benefits to living here lol

Its got the standard 16" wheels on at the moment but I will be looking to change those in the near future

I`m looking at these:


any opinions?

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what size you looking at getting?nice looking wheels fella! i love the standard lex 18's as well which i was goin to buy but i got offered a set of 18" fox rs for silly money £200 so i bought them!!lol you got any other plans for the lex?

here's a pic of my wheels.


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for £200 you cant go wrong with them ormi.

got them off a boy from loc r34liner, drove to newcastle for them worth it though!

remember try looking in the for sale section you never know you might pick up a bargin!! :winky:

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