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Dome Courtesy Light


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Hi All

A bit of a conundrum - the dome central light (behind the moonroof !) is switched to come on when you open the doors and also when you activate the remote door opening.

Unfortunetly the light comes on sometimes and not others - I have tried all the 'switches' on the door apertures that operate the courtesy light and they appear ok - as the the low level lights on the front doors go off when they are pressed.

Just wondering if any others have had a similar problem & how they got over it.

I will look at it over the weekend and try a new bulb (a blue LED) but do not think it's the bulb as sometimes works - strange.

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I got a chance to look at the courtesy light last Sat - while trying to remove the lens a couple of black thinks feel inside the lens and the bulb came on - when I actually got the lens removed the black things where parts of a fried small beetle - not sure if this was the problem but the light works fine now !

While the lens was out i swapped the standard festoon bulb for a blue LED - it did not work so I emailed the ebay supplier who promptly replied swap the bulb 180 degrees as LED's are polarity sensitive - LED now works !

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