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Noisy Suspension


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Has anyone experinced any odd noises from the air suspension on a LS 430?

I have had a 2005 model with standard air suspension june last year and the car has always been noisy at the front on motorways.

I put this down to the tyres, Dunlop SP9000, which a number of people have quoted as being a noisy tyre.

Changed the front tyres today, the tyre noise has all but gone but i can still hear this rumbling sound from the front of the car.

This may sound daft but it sounds like a cheap vinyl football being hit with a stick or bat, a low pitch hollow ringing.

both front wheel bearings have been checked as have all the bushes and ball joints, I dont get the same sound from the back suspension only the front.

can anyone shead any light on this before i talk to lexus who will no doubt be only to happy to replace the front suspension units.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Mark have you checked the plastic wheel arch inners & plastic undertray might flap around and knock at motorway speeds if a clip is missing or loose


Yes I have had both wheels off and had a good look for worn bushes or loose components.

Even removed the engine under tray and checked around there.

It's not a loud noise but in such a quite car it is very noticable.

I'm begining to think that it's an internal fault with the strut but the only way to check that is replacement. Not a cheap option.


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