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Worried About Engine Management Light

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I have a beloved but increasingly troublesome LS430. Last year I had an total engine coolant loss and subsequent huge bill, with NO appropriate warnings or temperature increases. Just in the last month, I have had a wide variety of clearly computer related temporary faults; it is an exciting start to the day to start the car and see what's not working today. Sometimes it's just the radio; sometimes radio and Satnav; sometimes all audio joins in; and one time I couldn't get the car to open and had to use emergency key manoeuvres to get it going.

Oh, and did I mention, in the middle of this, my rear passenger door won't open now; this is probably mechanical and unrelated, but is adding to my stress levels......!!

It all seemed to have calmed down a bit (apart from the door thing) until this week, when the engine management warning light has come on. This worries me.

Can someone tell me what this means and how urgently I need to write large cheques to Lexus just to look at the problem, with no guarantee of success?

Why is the electronics of this beautiful, but complicated, car not guaranteed for life? Or is it?

Any views much appreciated,

David C

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No nothing about the 430 but what you describe sound like bad electrical connections.

Look at all the fuses,battery connections,alternator connections etc, for corrosion or looseness.

Is your Battery old?

Worth a check over .........

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Have the fault codes read with a diagnostic tester ( this doesn't have to be a Lexus dealer any reasonable auto electrician should be capable) then you will have an idea of the problem and therefore the cost.

Has your car ever been subjected to being in flood water as there appears to be a lot of electrical gremlins for a 430?

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