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Right then - couple of weeks ago someone put a really nasty dint on the top of one of my front wings whilst i was parked. :tsktsk:

It wasn't wide but it was very deep and must have been caused by something with a very sharp corner - more worrying was that it was right by the swage line

Did some research and arranged for a Dent Devils technician to come and look at it this morning.

One hour later and the dent was gone - completely invisible. He then started on a tiny dint I had in the passenger door. Didn't need to take the door card out but got to it through the side of the door whilst sitting in the front.

Couple of taps and it was completely gone. Or so I thought - he wasn't happy and showed me how he uses the reflection of a vertical white pole to get it absolutely perfect.

Great job and a real perfectionist who knows his stuff.

Obviously Dent Devils is a franchise so I can't speak for all the franchisees but if you have a dent and are in the area that Errol Francis covers then I can't recommend him highly enough.


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How much did it cost if you don't mind my asking? I've got a dent exactly like that - top of the wing, looks like it's been hit by a sharp corner and it's right next to the swage line (what are the chances?)

Also got one on the rear door (normal type parking dent) so was planning to get them both knocked out. My postcode doesn't appear to be in his area, but I'll try anyway. I've also used Dentwizard before who did a great job so will have to choose between the two.

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Clever guys at dent devils, have seen a few doing work in the past and its quite amazing how they know which way to push a dent out and which way to push it to improve/remove it :) There was a chap at JAE a couple of years back charging about £30 a panel (not dent devils though) and if he's there this year i'll be having my rear drivers side door sorted :)

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