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Small Pillar Pod?

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hi all,

I am looking for a small single guage pillar pod to fit as the base of the RH pillar, I am not interested in ones that fit half way up the pillar etc.

Has anyone has a pod mounted in the same desired position??

Also if nyone has found a suitable guage that reads a max of 0.5bar that would be great

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The only place i've found the low pressure gauges Rob is a company called Wika they do them in 3psi/5psi/10psi in a 2.5" size with 1/4" npt rear centre fitting? Not sure if thats the type your after or if they do them in Bar pressure?

The only thing is they could do with is an LED or some neon wire around the gauge to light them at night, which could be done quite easily?

Heres the website mate CLICKY! Not sure if thats of any help matey and while i think about it i think the minimum order is $50 on the site??

But you might be able to find somewhere else that does them at a better price :)

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ta 4 the replies... many years ago i looked at LP guages and did find a company in the UK that made a 5cm guages but none were +ve and-ve pressure like a normal boost guage.

As you say its not easy to find a LP boost guage. Wasnt there someone on here that used to make pods???

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Yeah Steve made a nice one for his own car which I still have fitted. Nice HKS boost gauge in a custom made pod in place of the factory tweeter in the door. sits in perfect view and very subtle. He did come on here a few weeks back so might be worth dropping him a PM incase he has anything lying about.

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