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Is 200 Sport Top Speed

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I must start by saying im not promoting high speeds here!

What is the top speed of an IS200 Sport, anyone had any high speeds on Autobahns?

Just a note: You can check the specs, but all manual versions of the IS200 had identical performance - acceleration, top speed, engine power, mpg etc. The technical differences for the Sport are the limited slip differential and suspension height which can slightly improve handling in extreme conditions. The main differences are entirely cosmetic like the drilled pedals, body trims etc. and toys. The Sport isn't really "sporty" because the IS200 just isn't; but it is a great looking, comfortable, very reliable car having an ultra-smooth engine with enough power/torque torque to make journeys in a hurry involving - but enjoyable, relaxing experiences. There is a price for this - the mpg is not the best in class, nor the carbon at 230 gm/km, but I always thought it was well worth it. Enjoy!

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My AT IS200 sometimes stops accelerating in 205-210km/h (odometer) but when it passes this "barrier" even if there is no downward slope i can see 220+ and i believe this is due to ram air increasing manifold pressure as speed builds (slowly.

Notice that 4rth Gear on AT is overdrive and is about 40km/h per 1000rpm so the rev limiter should appear at 250km/h if there was enough power to push the car in this speed so there are no rev limiter issues like MT.

Best speed ever saw in odometer is 227 surprisingly in hot summer weather and never manage to surpass it even in winter that the air is more dense... (i believe it was the fuel...)

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