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Abs Warning Cannot Select Auto Transmission(without Lock Over Ride)

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ABS warning light on, Engine light on,and cannot select automatic gears without using shift lock override

Dropped a clanger, Towing boat from storage to my house all ok, stopped at my house to fix small trailer board light problem, done Happy, but reconnected boat on tow ball jockey wheel in way of locking in position, got distracted by nieubour and forgot to connect drove off up small distance boat came off, safety wire locked on braking system on boat wires ripped out of tow ball plug bare wires must have shorted, immediately got out of car put boat back on Tow ball, but could not select automatic gears, without using gear lock button and ABS light on and engine warning light on it drained Battery quit quickly. Disconnected Battery.

Recharged Battery, over night, now have reconnected starts fine, BUT ABS warning light on Engine light on and cannot select automatic gears without using shift lock override

Any help welcome Thanks Stuart ps Sunday now will book in Lexus Tomorrow

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Sorry this is rather coming late. I had a similar problem with my 1999 GS300 and solved the problem by replacing/toggling in a fuse that was making partial contact. This is just a fuse problem. Check your fuse in the driver's compartment and replace any blown fuse or toggle in every fuse to seat in proper.


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