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Ccx Engine In A Ford?


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Now, this is the Granada that John Thaw and Dennis Waterman should have had in The Sweeney. I think it will go like stink in a straight line but stick it into a bend and it will be like trying to get Vanessa Felts up a fire escape. Impossible.

Damn good effort though.

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It's a crazy piece of work, but it's not really a Ford any more. Just some Granada external panels onto a custom-built chassis inside.

Utterly mental - the engine produces 170hp at tickover, before the turbos are even spinning up!!! Imagine trying to inch that forward in a traffic jam... :msn-oh::msn-oh:

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Guest inicol63

I guess that with that bhp the wheels will spin and the car will stay right were it starts.

Should be interesting on how they are going to apply that much power.

I guess he will need a sponser like Goodyear or Avon LOL

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