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Scuff Plates.


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Been wantin some Sport chrome scuff plates but have better things to spend my money on at the mo, so decided to spray the black ones silver to see what they look like, i'm actually very pleased with the results, obvioulsy wont be to everyones taste but it's saved me a few bob ;)

These are just sprayed for now to see what they look like so have not been laqured yet, just debating weather or not to do the dimples black like the OEM ones or even blue to match the car.

What do you think?








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they look ok now, but will soon look pump as the paint starts to peel or scratch off

Cheers guy's.

Thought that Mat but hoping the laquer will stop that happening otherwise will just scrub them back to original.

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They don't really take much stick in my car anyway, me and the missus don't step on them in the front and out of the 2 kids it's only my 3 year old son who has to so hopefully the laquer will do the job either that or re-spray every few months, only takes a few mins anyway.

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Hmmm, may do mine now after looking at how good yours turned out.

What prep and paint did you use?

Cheers guys, didn't actually prep them as I was just playing about to see what they look like but now I know I like them then I think i'll strip them back prime them and then laquer them just used some Plastikote metallic silver spray, still can't decide if I can be bothered doing the dimples tho i'm far to impatient and lazy for that.

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