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Hi All - I'm New And Just Got A Tezza


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Hi to you all,

Just got my Altezza - it's a grey stock RS !

Are the parts easily available (like from a GS 300 and Avensis 2.2 etc ) or are things going to be

a little more difficult ?

I have ordered a Part Catalogue thing from Ebay

Also I have a dodgy central locking button on my FOB - how difficult will it be to track a new FOB and key

with no data apart from VIN ?

Apart from that it's good to be aboard (hopefully i'll drive the thing soon as it's stashed in the garage while

I tidy up my 91 celica i've owned for 11 years !) She keeps hanging on by doing daft things everytime I list her

for sale - the latest is the tailgate hige snapped. Perhaps I have to keep her for prosperity !

Catch you later


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welcome to the club

get some pics of your Tezza up

yeah there's plenty of parts about for the tezza about from the uk and japan so modding won't be to much of a problem ;)

I'll have a load of parts up for sale soon so you can always give me a pm if your looking for stuff

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Thanks - will pic when it comes out of the garage.

Just spent last 48 hours scouting for parts and most of the

japanese import part people dont even list altezza's on the

scroll downs !

Are we rare or what ?

Just getting info'd up so i don't get caught out when service and

MOT time come around in 12 months.

Not sure if I payed over the odds but atleast it had a ticket


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