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so we are pretty diverse bunch and there is always a range of debates, some may say arguments!!

I have just bought a macbook and im overwhlemed by what it can do and all of the apps, widgets, programs, games that are out there. Having only ever really used a PC i didnt know what was good and what wasnt without trying so if we can all play nicely this could become a good resource..

now you may ask why not just go to a mac forum? well, we are such a friendly bunchi thought we would all like to help each other!

What this thread ISNT: apple vs everything else.

What this thread IS: a list of apps that you use and would recommend for an apple Mac but NOT Iphone..(you could create this if you wanted!)

App Name: (whats it called?)

License type: (How much to LEGALLY get)

Available From: (where to get it from)

Size: (file size if known)

Functionality: (What does it do?)

Star Rating: (just like itunes 'stars' rate it from 0 'very bad' to 5 'very good')

so please try to keep this on topic and not let it get into a personal slanging match.. (although feel free to challenge an app!!)

All Contributions are welcome!! (unless breaking the guidelines above then!)


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App Name: iStat

License type: freeware

Available From: (or on the Mac Format cover disk)

Size: ? (its small though)

Functionality: this adds your Mac running stats to the top menu bar - i have CPU usage, memory usage and a much better clock with date.

You can also have temps, diskspace, fans,netowrk access and loads more. maybe its me but i love being able ti see exactly how little resource my aps are using!

Star Rating: 5

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