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98 Ls400 Fourth Year Of Ownership - Running Costs

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Hello All

Just thought I’d give an overview of the costs involved during my fourth year of ownership of my Mk IV 98 LS400 – this site was immensely helpful in my decision to purchase my vehicle so hopefully this information may help others too.

During the last 12 months I have covered around 13000 miles, I have been doing shorter journeys which has resulted in my average consumption dropping to about 24mpg.

Costs as follows;

Insurance £400

Tax £185

New Battery £104

154000 ‘A’ Service at Lexus Hull £385

Auto socks £60 – not strictly a necessary cost but they worked brilliantly in the snow

Replacement windscreen wipers £15

Puncture repair £16

MOT £41

Total £1206

This year has been the lowest spend I have incurred over the past four years, I think this is partly due to the lower mileage I have undertaken this year and also the fact that some of the expensive items I replaced in the early years (wheels, brakes, cambelt etc) are obviously not yet requiring replacement. Comparison below;

Year one - £3115

Year two - £2871

Year three - £2126

Year four £1206

The car still continues to impress and with the current financial gloom I will keep it for at least another year and plan to replace with a late 430 or possibly a 460. Other options are the RX400 as my wife has a Mercedes ML320CDI that will be replaced at the beginning of 2010.

To anyone thinking about buying a Lexus, all I will say is that my experience of the product and the dealerships has been superb and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for this, very useful knowledge! I am in my first few months of ownership and i am due a service. Think im well onto my way to spending the large amount you quoted for your first year as i have just had 4 new tyres fitted and i need a cambelt change as well. Really wanted to LPG my car but i just can't afford it with all these costs coming up! :(

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Im looking for an LS400 as we speak, been looking at auto trader and ebay, some very nice examples around for what seemingly are selling extremely cheaply at the minute. I think the costs for running your vehicle are very reasonable for a car of such stature and quality. Hopefully will win the one im bidding on at the minute and will be a proud owner by sunday evening. Wish me luck. Just a thank you for everyone that contributes to the site with bundles of helpful information. I will post pics next week if I win.

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Glad you found the Autosocks useful. Most members who left comments on my thread on Autosocks were generally very sceptical about them. What is your opinion regarding ease of use and VFM?

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