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Economise By Upgrading


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Whilst waiting for my Battery to be fitted ( by Toyota ) I walked across to the Citroen garage next door to take a look at the new C5. I have no intention of buying, I just wanted to look inside one. From the outside they look quite smart but while I sat in it I noticed the hard plastics, blanked out switches and dozens of buttons that operate the radio, etc. It was within seconds that I felt so glad and privileged about being a Lexus owner.

I was pounced upon by a salesman and we chatted briefly about the C5 and I made polite comment about how the car looks a lot better than the old model. I then said it was a shame that the interior was a bit harsh, hard plastics etc. He then asked me about my car and when I said Lexus he said 'well the C5 costs around £21k and a Lexus 'GS '@ about £35k, so there will be a £10k difference in the feel of the car'.

He gave me a price and options list and as I read through I almost priced the C5 to that of a Lexus GS. I included all the options that I enjoy in the Lexus, so I specced, leather, sensors, satnav, auto dimming mirrors, Xenon lights (which move), etc. There were options not availabe, keyless entry, reversing camera ( I would miss this now if I didn't have it, I can see if i'm within car park lines without opening my door).

Add to this to the fact that a C5's value will plummet fasted than a bankers bonus and the Lexus looks excellent value, and perhaps cheaper than a Citroen C5.

So i understand now, Economise by Upgrading!

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Amen to that, I don't think some people realise that Lexus are a hell of a lot of car for the money, with the added bonus of reliability

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Not only are they VERY good value for money but they are also flexible, refined, genuinely luxurious and very well put together. I think people are too quick to overlook them. I have been very happy with the ownership experience with our MKII RX.

OK so they use belts and tensioners in their cars - BUT they do standby their 80K - 100K change intervals - why can't VAG do the same? Well done Lexus.

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