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My New Ride


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Love them cars.

Always wanted one. The guys who mapped my old emanage designed the engine for them. (or shall i say tweaked as its a mondeo engine with Twin on it.)

strangley though the rear lights are standard Mondeo ones!

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A Nobel.

(Ford in drag)

Or even a Noble. :lol:

The engine is now based around the 3-litre version of Fords Duratec V6, and as with earlier M12 powerplants is built by John Noble (no relation) in Chesterfield. Exactly what changes are made to the internals are a secret, but theres no hiding the fact it has a couple of turbochargers tacked on externally, though these are smaller than used with the GTOs 2.5-litre to help minimise lag.
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owned by a 23 year old?!! wtf!! either rich parents or he really did take advantage of that student loan! lol

Told he works on the rigs so earns well & never home 2 spend it :o

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lol as if id do that 2 the Lex

Well it is the 1st of April :whistling::lol:

Is bein repared by a friend & is owned by a 23 year old :o

Thats why it is being repaired.

lol was the side skirt had a nasty great break in it

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