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Grom Audio/i-pod Integration

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Hi All,

I have read the extensive thread about the Grom Audio and am very much interested in buying this piece of kit as well as an I-pod.

I like the idea of having the original stereo. However can you please post pics of where you have installed your I-pod. If I do buy the kit I don’t want any wires on display and would ideally like to hide the ipod in the ash tray if possible.

Other option, I also need to buy a Sat Nav (Garman approx £100.00) the cost of the Grom Audio and i- pod (2 hand) aprrox £110. Is it possible to buy a MP3 player with a Sat Nav for £250 or am I dreaming,

Any help would be much appreciated, definitely interested in seeing pics where you guys have installed your i-pods.



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I'm sure there's one guy (can't remember who it is but hopefully someone else will) who had a nano and made it fit perfectly in the ashtray (I think any larger iPod wouldn't actually fit in there)

I have my iPod cable going into the glovebox because I don't really need to access it once it's in there and that keeps it out of the way. We actually have a TomTom Go 910 which has a 20gb hard drive for storing music on, I'm not sure if the newer ones have so much memory but if you can get a second hand one that could cover both areas for you (as well as adding Bluetooth phone kit to the mix if you don't already have one)

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This is how it is at the moment as I only just got the iPod and it hasn't actually gone in the car yet so temporarily the cable's just there.


Plan though is to fit some sort of cradle to the back of the glovebox and have the iPod held like that - and yes when the glovebox is closed there's nothing on show.

I haven't used the grom unit for the iPod though, I have the grom aux and then a separate unit that connects to the iPod and also acts as a Bluetooth phone kit.

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Thanks Parthiban for the pic, thats a great help, i can store my ipod in the glove box too and know one would be te wiser.

Also I have seen other units for sale that convert the original head unit but none seem to be cheaper then the Grom Audio.

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No probs, yep the glovebox is a good place to put it if you don't actually need to access it as it's totally out of the way - need to find a cradle as I do want to mount it on the back of the glovebox at some point.

True, as long as you don't have a 13902 stereo, then you can't really fault the grom unit :)

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I've used my Nokia phone to effectively be all things for all men!

Nokia E71 let's me play my music, do turn by turn navigation and acts as a hands free kit all using the cheapo version of the Grom connector.

+ whenever I get out of the car there is nothing left for the tea-leafs to nick.



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