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Sold The Lex

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Sold my cherished wheels after 3 years of faultless ownership. I loved my IS but it just got to the stage were it was not practical enough for my favourite The one thing that let the IS down in my experience is the lack of boot space and the fact that the back seats do not fold down.

After much deliberation i decided it was time for a change..........but to what???

Well, after much research on the net i narrowed it down to a short list -

Toyota Rav4

Mitsubishi Outlander

Nissan Quasqui

Lexus RX300 / 350

I went to the above dealers and test drove them all. All vehicles ticked the relevant boxes in terms of practicality however, the Toyota and Nissan were nice to drive but i just wasn't inspired to buy. The Outlander was just too huge and the RX was probably top of the pile but just not value for money in my opinion.

To cut a long story short..............I've just placed an order for one these.................


Had to place a factory order because there was none in the country of the spec and colour i wanted. Got a good price thru an internet broker, -£3.6K off list.

Spec - 2.5 petrol Sport with all the toys in Crystal Pearl White Mica like the one above.

When i test drove one at my local dealers, not only did it tick the 'boxes' but it actually blew me away. The level of comfort / refinement / toys and performance just blew all the others out the water. In terms of VFM, if i spec'd up the equivalent German marque with the same level of toys you would be looking at £30k +

Only down side is i've got a 10 week wait for it to be delivered.

I would like to thank this forum and all the members that i've met and helped me over the last 3 years. LOC really is up there with the best of owners club forums. (the Mazda 6 forum looks pants in comparison). I'll still be hanging around here for a long time to come cos it's just a great community to belong too.

I'm missing the IS like crazy, I'm sure it has gone to a good home (bought by a fellow LOC member), but it's time to move on to the next chapter.

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I think you have made a wise choice. I too went from an IS200 to a Mazda 6 and have not regretted it. If this sounds like a downer on the Lexus, then it isn't. The Lexus, now my wife's (she loves it), is still a brilliantly smooth and quiet car with superb looks. Like yourself, with the Mazda, I did the maths and came to the same comparison against German cars. about £10K more.

I think that your wait of 10 weeks is good because you will be getting a fresh car, not one that has been sitting in a soggy field for months. As far as dealer service is concerned, I think you will find that, bar a few bad apples, they are as good as Lexus. It's worth looking at the Mazda 3 site and the Pure MPS site for more info on dealers. One thing is for certain, you will be paying a lot less for dealer servicing.

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I'm missing the IS like crazy, I'm sure it has gone to a good home (bought by a fellow LOC member), but it's time to move on to the next chapter.

Like I said Paul look after the mazda like you did the lex and I might buy it off you in three years or so.. Lex running well mate and am trying my best to take care of it. 1000 miles on and no issues.

cheers Kev

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