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Is200 Top Speed

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Just been looking on the internet and everywhere seems to reckon that 134 mph is the top speed on an IS200.

I am wondering if anyone on here has ever got their IS past 134mph? Been in an IS doing 130mph before, may or may not have been me driving it, and that felt like it had plenty more to give!

I know that this is illegal and etc so if you just want to point out speed limits or tell me anybody doing this speed is stupid, then go to another

Just curious if anybody with a heavy foot has ever edged past 134mph, possibly on a German motorway ;)

Edit: Also wondering what the standard BHP is on an unmodified IS200? Never figured that 1 out, various sites give different

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this same question was asked last week and theres a thread about it.

the BHP standard is 153.

The top speed is around 140.

I personally have had 141 on my GPS on the Autobahns.


will get there alot quicker with the GTE block :whistling: you will want a longer ratio gearbox haha!! trust me :shifty:

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Cheers lads, thought it had more to give than 130mph!

145mph sounds a lot more realistic than 134mph lol!

I did do a forum search for top speed before posting, didnt bring anything like what I was looking for up :(

I come on here every few weeks but usually a forum search answers my questions, hence the lack of posts!

153BHP is not bad either, thanks for the answers :)

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mine did hit 135mph, which rattled the driver as he was inexperianced as driving fast :D

alot faster then my bro's bmw, both were aligned up perfectly, at 60 mph, both foot down, and the is200 was gone, the bmw was a 318i with 140 bhp, so logically it was suppose to beat it, but it did it with style

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