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Hid Kits Gs300 I Got One Cheap Cheap Easy To Fit ?

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hi guys

i manage to buy myself cheap hid kit for my gs300 1998.

one of my mate can get them really cheap through work. i paid £50 and its waterproof ballast E marked.

i have few question . could you please kindly confirm/answer my questions please.

1. i bought 9006/HB4 type for my GS300 . right type ?

2. £50 good price ? im just wondering if its very cheap kit if it is , is there possibility of damaging my car electrics etc ?

3. are they litterly plug n play just like replacing bulbs or do i have to connect extra cable to Battery direct ?

thanks in advance guys..


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I can't tell you if it's the right type for your GS300, but there are loads of cheap kits on eBay too, and I don't see why there should be any problem with your kit, they're all probably made in a few factories in the Far East.

If you've got the usual sort of kit, and if it's the same as on the IS200 then it should be very easy, just plug and play and no need to run extra connectors to the Battery etc. This is all based on how it works on the IS200 though, as I said.

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