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Is200 Power Output

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From that site it would seem:

Powertrain performance

Wheel power :138bhp

Wheel torque: 129lb-ft

Stated engine performance

Engine power: 153bhp

Engine torque: 144lb-ft

Dyno Chart:

Looks like 10% transmission loss.


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hate to burst anyone's bubble/.... but I got mine Dyno Packed , at a club RR day. 140 at the engine . So was a mates 99 Model IS , and before anyone says , "low reading roller" , a Red Top Vaux with an induction kit gave 150 , a Fiat Punto 1.8 16v with an induction kit 140 also... That was befor my Is got the S-AFC , freeflox bacbox and Induction Kit.

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If your IS200 is getting 140BHP at the fly it has lost power via old airfilter, sparkplugs, oil etc...... probably the airfilter as the custom air intake + AFC controller gave way more power than it should have.

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i think you will find that no car on the road will give its intended bhp, even with brand new oil, filters plugs etc the engine will deteriat after time, i'd like to know what people have got on there is200's.

i dont think rr computers can give a 100% accurate flywheel measurement as it works it out on the run down of the transmission, and i cant see this being very accurate at all????

also some rolling roads aren't all that accurate, i went on a rr day with about 30 of my mates every car was getting unpridictible readouts... some where just low, others where over. ie standard mini cooper s is 160 odd bhp, on the rollers it got 213 or near that, they where saying it all depends on how the car was driven and treated?

not sure the truth of all this, but id never expect any car to have its intended bhp unless it was brand spanking new.

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