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Finally Joined The Club!

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Hi all,

I have been looking for IS's for while now and finally parted with some cash Sunday and got myself an IS300.

Pictures (The one from the autotrader ad, I will add some more soon)






I really happy with car and it was faultless on the 4 hour drive home.

There are some scratches and stone chips on the car, which I want to get tidied up - does anyone what the paint code for this colour I maybe being a bit silly, but I cannot find the manufacture plate with the details anywhere!

I have no major mods planned, maybe just a air filter for now - any recommendations, I was thinking of going for the K & N panel filter.

Also, I have managed to get the car into WIM on Thursday, so I am a pretty happy chap.


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That looks like Granite Sky, code 1C6.

The paint code should be on the VIN plate, which on the IS200 is on the engine bay bulkhead, at the rear of the engine bay. Don't know if it's in the same place on the IS300.

I think the paint code is on the doors shut on the passenger door :)

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The IS has now been WIM'd - I noticed the difference straight away!

I there is a lot wear on my steering wheel, I have the 2 tone wheel with the triptronic buttons - any suggestions on how I can tidy this up, it not causing me any problems, just does not look great.

My car will be will due a 70k miles service soon, is there anything I need to pay particular attention to? The cam belt was replaced by the previous owner at around 50k miles service.

Does anyone have the latest maps for the IS sat nav maps - is it worth the £150? Is there any firmware updates or postcode search on it? I have the 2001 version, which seems to have most places on it.

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Nice to bump into you at WIM the other day alam. I told you you'd notice the WIM difference, didn't it ? :winky:

I wonder how much it would cost to get a leather specialist to re-trim your steering wheel ? Perhaps someone who has done that might be able to comment. Or do you think it just needs a good clean ?

Otherwise I guess it's a matter of trying to find one at a breaker's.

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