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Hi all,

I have just got an IS200 Sportcross 05 with built in sat nav. Unfortunately, the manual on how to work the sat nav was not with the car and all I have is a blank screen! Any advice on what to do would be appreciated. Thanks

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hi ya davey when you say blank screen,

do you mean a black screen ?

and does it pop up when you open it ?

if not its probably a fuse like i had.

the fuse is on the passenger side.

the lid should tell you which fuse too look at mate.

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does it have the factory fit radio? The two are connected and need each other to work.

Cheers everyone, it was only a fuse. The fuse has been replaced and it now works.....I just need to get my head around how it works as the manual did not come with the car , it seems to keep wanting to go home to its original owner!

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Dunno why people don't do it when they sell their cars, but might be worth to erase all the preset destinations to start with and start with a blank slate :)

they are just too lazy

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